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Tailored spare parts delivery

Besides all the success in solving complex problems in the field of tool- and machinemaking we don’t forget the „small“ problems. Where do you get spareparts for machines, which are not sold anymore and where the manufacturers maybe don’t even exist anymore?

SWS at a glance:

  • Spare parts for machines and technical facilities
  • Precision parts made of technical drawings
  • CAD/CAM supported development, construction and production
  • Repairs and service
  • Customer oriented warehouse logistics
  • 24h delivery service
  • On-site consulting

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We are looking for new colleagues with a completed education/schooling in different areas of our company, current job offers can be found under OPEN JOBS.

You want to become part of our team, but at the moment there is no vacant job offer available?

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Current job offers:

Our Customers, our partners

Our strategy is focused on acting as a full-range supplier for spare- and special parts providing unbeatable service to an ideal price-/performance ratio. We are a partner you can rely on in the long run.

Our customers are well-known companies in the coloring-, paper, food-, plastics-, and metal industry. Furthermore we construct parts for the medical-technical industry.


Nearly everything is possible

With our all-purpose CNC and NC machines (rotating, milling, grinding, eroding) we construct individual parts and small batches fit to the needs of our customers. We use several materials like stainless steel, steel, NIE-metals and plastics.

The experience of our employees allows us to construct parts, where there are no technical manuals available. The original parts are measured, analyzed and optimized (if possible). After the design of new technical drawings we construct the parts using latest technology.


You can download our comprehensive list of machines as a PDF file at DOWNLOADS.


  • Cylinders, Spiral, nonreturn valves, injectors, cylinder covers, needle valve injectors, mixing elements, chute magnets, etc.
  • Development of special geometries
  • High quality standards according to DIN ISO 9001
  • Special design made to measure
  • Construction in CAD/CAM
  • More than 50 years experience
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  • With more than 40 years of experience,
    we are your preferred partner for solutions around the mould temperature control.
    We develop and produce in our ISO9001-certified factory in Meckenheim near Bonn
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We provide professional, technical consulting on-site.
Please arrange a meeting with us: 07245 21 060

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We provide space with the size of 250m² where we can store your spare parts to avoid production downtimes. Guarenteed confidential and free of charge.

#500m² storage area #large selection #short lead times

Together with you, we plan a demand-oriented spare parts supply to ensure your constant spare parts availability.

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By this we mean the reprocessing of existing components such as eg. Perforated plates, plasticizing screws, sieves and other parts, for life-time extension. Depending on the condition and application, we choose the best treatment method for your product from a variety of options.

#thermal cleaning in the pyrolysis furnace #water, sand and glass shot blasting #flat and cylindrical grinding #heat treatment


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